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Her exceptional telephone triage skills and willingness to go the extra step have saved many patients' lives, including a man experiencing chest pain while traveling in a Korean jungle, and a woman who had misdiagnosed herself as experiencing an allergic reaction but who needed emergent care to avert a stroke.
Conversely, centers such as VICC employ a group of oncology nurses who are solely dedicated to the duties of telephone triage.
Ambulatory nurses at Memorial Sloan-Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center use the Ambulatory Care Telephone Triage and Symptom Management Protocol Manual as a guide to manage calls.
From its 50,000 square-foot call center in Dallas, Beryl provides hospitals, managed care organizations, medical groups, community agencies and government entities an expanding portfolio of information and decision support products, including outsourced call-center services, nurse telephone triage services and Web site development/hosting.
Because telephone triage nursing is a popular route for patients to access care, it is important that nurses feel comfortable in their expertise identifying suspected or actual child maltreatment, as well as providing accurate and appropriate referral resources to families in stress or crisis to prevent maltreatment for those children at risk.
The GP telephone triage service and the home visiting service for the most vulnerable patients will remain unchanged.
For telephone triage, a target to call unwell people back within 10 minutes, was also missed for the entire year.
Wirral's Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, currently being rebuilt in Liverpool, presently uses a 24-hour telephone triage system to decide whether patients need urgent medical care.
It covers the decision-making process, the triage method, pain assessment as part of the process, patient management, auditing, telephone triage, and other uses of the system, such as for monitoring of physiological parameters and presentation-priority matrix mapping.
The new telephone triage tested in 2006 in the region, led to the later development of the nationwide NHS 111 service.
Schmitt Thompson Clinical Content has contributed significantly towards clinical aims for the iEHR through its exceptional work using Electronic Telephone Triage Protocols w/ AHLTA for the future vision of an iEHR.
But, commenting on the telephone triage system used by NDUC, he also raised concerns about the process of "people being referred to accident and emergency after speaking to someone over the telephone".