telephone consultation

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1. a deliberation of two or more health care professionals about diagnosis or treatment in a particular case.
2. the provision of expert advice and counseling by an individual with specialized knowledge, as a statistician consulting with health care team members regarding study design.
3. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as using expert knowledge to work with those who seek help in problem-solving to enable individuals, families, groups, or agencies to achieve identified goals.
consultation-liaison provision of psychiatric services at the request of another health professional, often for physically ill patients in a nonpsychiatric hospital.
telephone consultation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as eliciting patient's concerns, listening, and providing support, information, or teaching in response to the patient's stated concerns over the telephone.
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An online survey composed of 10 multiple-choice questions was also distributed to the 15 urologists to review their personal experience with telephone consultations during the first nine months of this new measure.
GPs reported meeting 680 worried patients face to face and carrying out another 2,360 telephone consultations.
Of the 3 7 telemedicine consultations, 19 resulted in added or changed diagnostic studies, compared with 1 of 14 telephone consultations, a significant difference.
To schedule a confidential telephone consultation at your convenience, please do not hesitate to contact one of CDGI's Diamond and Gemstone Specialists via Email at or via Telephone at (305)935-2526 USA.
To further support this we will also be undertaking a learning package from Plain including telephone consultation skills."
It also requires physicians to ensure that their pregnant patients have rapid access to telephone consultation and clinical evaluation.
Doctors also provide a telephone consultation service which is reassuring, reliable and may not necessitate a trip to the surgery, freeing appointment time for other patients.
Benenden has launched a private 24-hour GP telephone consultation service to cut down on the number of doctor's appointments we make, which they calculate at 10m a month.
The youngest was aged 15, with the majority of callers being in their late teens and early twenties, and most used a mobile phone to contact the service, which offers a 24-hour telephone consultation with a doctor and free contraception.
NFU members seeking legal advice initially have access to a telephone consultation service called NFU Call-First.
e telephone consultation can result in an appointment, prescription, advice or any other action appropriate to the problem.
In a good faith effort to show prospects how she works, Alexander offers a free telephone consultation, no strings attached.

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