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Use of telecommunications technology to deliver nursing care at a distance from the patient.
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ClearOne said it has partnered with American Doctors Online and PhoneDOCTORx through a partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to provide secure cloud-based communications between the National TeleNursing Center and telemedicine carts used by clinicians in remote locations throughout the USA.
para]]ClearOne's Spontania Cloud Service Provides 24/7/365 Video Connections for Expert TeleNursing Care and Support to Survivors of Sexual Assault[[/para]]
One very authoritative article about the need for telenursing was found in a respected trade journal, but the SMEs wanted additional sources indicating a need expressed by potential customers.
A REGISTERED nurse (RN) who, while working for a telenursing service, deliberately disconnected calls and failed to follow up disconnected calls, has been found guilty of professional misconduct.
Another definition from telenursing was a delivery, an organization, and a coordination of service using telecommunication technology.
Abu Dhabi Disease management in the Northern Emirates will become easier and more effective when a new telenursing system is introduced across public healthcare facilities within the next two years, a senior health official said in the capital yesterday.
Changing the face of standard nursing practice through telehealth and telenursing.
Telenursing is a subset of telehealth that focuses on the delivery, management, and coordination of care and services using telecommunications technology within the domain of nursing.
Development of a telenursing system for patients with chronic conditions, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 10(4), 239-244.
With the establishment of health care reform, computerized charting, and telenursing we are confronted with the new nursing era.
Compacting will clarify the authority to practice for many nurses currently engaged in telenursing or interstate practice.
This article provides brief definitions of telenursing and telehealth, how these systems are used, and why healthcare providers should invest in them.