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telecoil (T-coil),

An induction coil in a hearing aid for receiving electromagnetic signals from a telephone or a loop amplification system.
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Because of their small size, canal aids may be difficult for the user to adjust and remove, and may not be able to hold additional devices, such as a telecoil.
Suitable for mild through severe hearing loss, it offers the following benefits: trimmer-controlled fitting, with no programming unit required; enhanced signal dynamics through digital signal processing; standard manual volume control (except CIC model); standard audible signal indicators for low battery power; and optional telecoil (available on ITE and ITC models),
The ESPrit 3G delivers on Cochlear's lifetime commitment to its patients by offering Cochlear Nucleus 22 implant recipients access to the benefits of the latest behind-the-ear technology, such as a built-in telecoil, a Whisper setting, and access to wireless FM technology.
INFINITI Pro is equipped with digital, single-channel processing with additional frequency-response-shaping parameters; expanded dynamic range; microphone noise reduction; Directional Microphone System available on ITE, HS, and ITC models; and Switchless[TM] Telecoil, which allows users to conduct telephone conversations without having to manually adjust their hearing aids.
The ESPrit 3G offers a built-in telecoil that permits wireless access to hearing-aid-compatible telephones and allows listeners to connect to sound systems in public venues with assistive listening devices; the Whisper setting, which improves the audibility of soft and moderate speech; 54 hours of battery life; and all three Nucleus digital speech coding strategies--ACE[TM], CIS, and SPEAK--designed to allow users to hear clearly in all environments.