Teletherapy using radioactive cobalt as the source.
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All patients in this study will be treated with the Theratron 780C Telecobalt therapy unit housed in the Department of Radiotherapy, at our institute.
Last year, India gifted a state-of-the-art telecobalt machine, the Bhabhatron, trained 20 oncologists and is working on defence medical cooperation.
Isakov once again thanked Indian side for installation of the Bhabhatron II telecobalt machine for cancer treatment at the Cancer Center in Bishkek.
Cells were irradiated with gamma-rays generated from a CO-60 teletherapy unit (megavoltage telecobalt units) (Theratron 780, Canada) with a dose of 5 Gy and dose rate of 116.76 cGy/min at a distance of 80 cm from the source of CO-60, with a field size of 20x20 cm2 at ambient temperature.
The Government of India has also announced a gift of a 'Bhabatron' Telecobalt Radiotherapy Machine to the Government of Sri Lanka, which is to be installed at the General Hospital in Hambantota.
The RT planning for all patients included 33-35 sessions administered in fractional daily doses of 180-200 cGy, 5 days a week, with a linear accelerator (6-MV photons) or a TeleCobalt 60 unit.
In bringing technology to the general public, "we at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre have made a small beginning in the development of Bhabhatron-II," a telecobalt machine used in cancer centres, Kokdkar said.
All patients in this study were treated with either the Theratron 780C Telecobalt therapy unit or 6 MV Linear accelerator housed in the Department of Radiotherapy.
External beam radiotherapy megavoltage machines (telecobalt units or linear accelerator) were used and a median total dose of 45 (ranged 30-60) Gy was delivered.