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Relating to or marked by telangiectasia.
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Relating to or marked by telangiectasia.
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, telangiectasis (tel-an?je-ek-ta'ze-a) (-ek'ta-sis) [Gr. telos, end, + angeion, vessel, + ektasis, dilatation]
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A vascular lesion formed by dilatation of a group of small blood vessels. It may appear as a birthmark or become apparent in young children. It may also be caused by long-term sun exposure. Although the lesion may occur anywhere on the skin, it is seen most frequently on the face and thighs. See: illustrationtelangiectatic, adjective

hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

A disease transmitted by autosomal dominant inheritance marked by thinness of the walls of the blood vessels of the nose, skin, and digestive tract, as well as a tendency to hemorrhage. Synonym: Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome

telangiectasia lymphatica

A tumor composed of dilated lymph vessels.

spider telangiectasia

Stellate angioma.
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Dilated fundus examination of the left eye revealed multiple telangiectatic and irregular, dilated aneurysmal retinal vessels, subtotal exudative retinal detachment with extensive deep and subretinal lipid exudates with a well-defined macular edema as shown in [Figure 1].
The indications for surgical resection of HA have been refined during the period covered in this paper, but in general symptomatic patients: HA which increase in size despite discontinuing OC, patients at risk for developing bleeding (tumour size [greater than or equal to] 5 cm) or patients at risk for malignant transformation (men, older women, tumour size [greater than or equal to] 5cm, telangiectatic type inflammatory HA and [beta]-catenin mutated subtypes).
This plaque had bright-red papules, telangiectatic in appearance with a surrounding area darker in colour (Figure 2).
Caption: Figure 4: Microscopic findings, showing that the vessels in the dark brown spots were telangiectatic and thin walled, with intimal hyperplasia (hematoxylin and eosin staining, x20).
In all cases, the "telangiectatic spot" on tongue almost disappeared or decreased in size [Figure 1]b.
Noduloulcerative basal cell carcinoma begins as a small, waxy nodule that often shows a few small telangiectatic vessels on its surface.
General examination revealed telangiectatic papules over the cheeks (Fig.
We present a patient with aneurysmal bone cyst of foot who developed a telangiectatic osteosarcoma with metastases in the inguinal lymph nodes four years later.
Prominent dilated, telangiectatic blood vessels were noted within the superficial dermis with an associated lymphohistiocytic inflammatory infiltrate.
Occasionally these lesions may be highly vascular with marked hemorrhage on cut surface, these are referred to as telangiectatic osteosarcomas.