tela choroidea

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te·la cho·roi·'de·a

that portion of the pia mater that covers the ependymal roof or, in the case of the lateral ventricle, medial wall of a cerebral ventricle.
Synonym(s): choroid membrane [TA]

tela choroidea

Part of the pia mater covering the roof of the third and fourth cerebral ventricles.
See also: tela


pl. telae [L.] a thin weblike tissue or structure.

tela choroidea
a thin, web-like layer of connective tissue; a component of the choroid plexus.
tela conjunctivae
connective tissue.
tela elastica
elastic tissue.
subcutaneous tela
the deepest layer of the skin, between the dermis and the fascia of the muscles. Called also hypodermis.
submucosal tela
the connective tissue that supports a mucous membrane and that lines the deep surface of the tunica muscularis of viscera. The tissue serves as a framework that adapts to the changes in shape and size of the organ.
subserosal tela
the connective tissue beneath the serous layer of a viscus.