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Q. what are anxiety symptoms for a teen? before i get to school my heart beats really fast when i talk to someone i somtimes get hot or start to sweat. i dont feel like myself i also don't talk to some people anymore because i'm scared its going to be akward..

A. Sounds like social anxiety.The butterflies people get when getting ready to speak in front of a group, for example. Start off by talking to one person at a time. and build up from there.

Q. Are there any forums for teenagers who suffer from arthritis? I think it's really important- they don't know how to handle such a thing in such a young age...suddenly not being able to do what you could before and was a great part of your life- sports for example...

A. great! thanks justin...

Q. can a teenager be bipolar? My son is 13 and has a drinking problem. I just thought after reading some posts of this community, that his drinking might be a result of some kind of depression he is having. what do you guys think?

A. Thanks brandon, unfortunately, I guess you were right. Finally, he let me take him to therapy, where they found out he does have depression. this is so sad for me, I feel I have failed as a father.

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Self-esteem : Twice as many teens using Invisalign experience a rise in self-esteem compared to teenagers wearing braces.
The research shows the extent to which teenagers in the UK are concerned with how they are perceived by peers while engaging with these services.
Plus, encourage your teenager to explain their lessons to you - discussing them aloud will help them order facts in their own mind.
Teenage parenting expert Sarah Newton, a mother of two teenage girls, suggests that when children are young the hard part is physically always having to be there, but when they're teenagers, while parents don't always have to be physically present any more, their children need support, which can be mentally exhausting.
The teenager and his three friends were arrested and questioned about what happened," he said.
So that explains why it's happening - but it doesn't make teenagers any easier to live with.
That explains why it's happening - but doesn't make teenagers any easier to live with.
Yes, some of the groups of teenagers who congregate in town centres every evening - usually for want of anywhere else to meet their friends - will be up to no good, in the same way that not every adult is trustworthy.
Cats and teenagers can lie on the living-room sofa for hours on end without moving and barely breathing.
The county's probation department also provides intense supervision for teenagers, requiring them to get help if they have emotional problems or addictions.
The story deals with the hot issues that our black teenagers struggle with today: alcoholism, low self-esteem, sex, STDs and teenage pregnancy.