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The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young. A prospective international study examining the impact of external factors in the development of type 1 diabetes, including genetic and genetic-environmental interactions, including gestational infection or other gestational events as well as childhood infections or other environmental factors after birth
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Nursery manager Jessica Collin said: "Obviously they can't do this every day because the teddies would get lost, but it was nice for them to be able to come in with their teddies and show all their friends."
"We hope that the trauma teddies will start a connection between the police and the child, and offer them comfort during a distressing time."
Chief Insp Clare Langley believes the teddies could be a vital tool to help comfort young children.
Aidan has given the rest of the bears to charities across Merseyside, some were donated to an infant who had brain cancer and MacMillian Cancer Support, while a car-load of teddies was also donated to a fundraising effort to help pay for a 19-year-old's funeral.
Councillor Norma Wilburn, Stockton Council's Cabinet member for arts, leisure and culture, said: "Teddy bears carry a special significance for so many people at different points throughout their lives, whether their own bears from years gone by or the teddies cherished by their families today."
The Touring Teddies Gift Experience brings the world to the child in your life through a globe-trotting teddy bear.
Bond, of Inverallochy, admitted three charges relating to the teddies at Peterhead Sheriff Court last month.
Nursery manager Kalpna Lad said: "Tiny Teddies like to do something different at Christmas and we think it is important for children to know that it is a time of giving as well as receiving."
Women also often forget to take teddies with them when they check out, said research by the chain.
The teddies then go home with the patients, who are encouraged to bring them with them to any subsequent outpatient visits.
Its subsequent popularity resulted in the formation of the Ideal Toy Company and the mass production of teddies. While this tale acts to perpetually heighten the homespun and entrepreneurial Americana version of the origins of the teddy bear's manufacture, most of it is probably false.
Some 600 teddies, decorated in various ways by artists, adorn the streets of Zurich and the city airport in the 'Teddy-Summer' project.