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Some of these SSDS (load casts and flame structures) are induced by fluidization and liquefaction triggered by rapid sedimentation within a tectonically active setting, as well as density variations illustrated by the local occurrence of load casts with weak lateral extensions.
These parameters also confirms that research area is tectonically stable and having permeable subsurface rocks.
On the basis of presented results, in the case of planned high-intensity extraction, especially in tectonically disturbed rock mass, authors suggest new attitude to predictions of linear type discontinuous deformation by supplementing conventional forecast with two addition documents:
The city of Karachi sits close to plate boundary and within reach of earthquakes on numerous tectonically active structures surrounding the city.
Hamedan-Sosangerd region, west Iran is a quaternary tectonically active region with 755 Km length.
The most probable factor that caused the punctuational drop in the local diversity (a) and increase in volatility levels in I and E was the change in the tectonically driven sediment accommodation regime, together with the change in the shoreline position.
The waterfall is in a tectonically predisposed zone with a fault structure lying crosswise to the course of the Smolare River.
Tectonically complex geology could compromise seal potential; and
"Not all shales have the low permeabilities at the scale we desire," but plenty is available in tectonically stable areas that won't be used for oil and natural gas production, Neuzil says
The Huaibei coalfield is typically composed of various tectonically deformed coals containing rich coalbed methane resources.
Tectonically she forged ahead in sharing her love of ceramics with the world and wedged into action her powers of personal connection, competence and persuasion.
"The northern shore of the Arabian Sea where the new island was formed is tectonically characterised by the so called Makran Subduction Zone.