tectonic keratoplasty

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optic keratoplasty transplantation of corneal material to replace scar tissue that interferes with vision.
refractive keratoplasty removal of a section of cornea from a patient or donor, which is shaped to the desired curvature and inserted either between layers of the recipient's cornea (keratophakia) or over the cornea (keratomileusis) in order to change the corneal curvature and correct optical errors.
tectonic keratoplasty transplantation of corneal material to replace tissue that has been lost.
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tec·ton·ic ker·a·to·plas·ty

grafting to replace lost corneal tissue.
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tectonic keratoplasty

The surgical grafting of corneal material in an area where corneal tissue has been lost.
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tec·ton·ic ker·a·to·plast·y

(tek-ton'ik ker'ă-tō-plas-tē)
Corneal transplantation performed to replace lost corneal tissue to provide support.
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