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Relating to variations in structure in the eye, particularly the cornea.
[G. tektonikos, relating to building]
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Presently, a tectonic plate located beneath the ocean along the United States' West Coast is (https://www.livescience.com/66117-tectonic-plate-tear-juan-de-fuca.html) presumably "dying." Named Juan de Fuca (pronounced "wahn de fyoo-kuh"), the Michigan-sized plate reportedly has a large gaping hole that has the possibility of triggering earthquakes off the coast of Northern California.
As of press time, there were eight tectonic mild earthquake that hits General Luna town, Siargao Island on Tuesday (Feb.
By comparison, tectonic plate subduction on Earth occurs through varying temperatures, because the cooler material is denser and sinks more.
CoreOS will incorporate Redspread's collaborative deployment tool for managing Kubernetes in the Tectonic toolchain.
The new model calculates the amount of free hydrogen gas produced and stored beneath the seafloor based on a range of parameters - including the ratio of a site's tectonic spreading rate to the thickness of serpentinised rocks that might be found there, Science Daily reported.
Tectonic, delivered by CoreOS, is the universal Kubernetes solution for deploying, managing and securing containers anywhere.
On which tectonic plate is the Yellowstone hot spot located?
Determination of tectonic deformation enables to model them and to assess the direction and quantitative changes of deformation in the investigated area.
He also pointed out that Oman was part of the Arabian tectonic plate.
Muscat: Oman, which is part of the Arabian tectonic plate, cannot be termed as an earthquake-prone area, said Dr.