technical error

tech·ni·cal er·ror

that component of experimental error that is due to the conduct of the experiment and in principle estimated by replicate determinations on aliquots from the same specimen.
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That message later vanished but anyone trying to access the site via Google got a technical error message saying access was "forbidden.
It sent a message to affected customers, saying: "We had a technical error that meant that a number of free tickets were released.
The US consulate in Cairo is reopening until 22 November the diversity visa lottery programme for 2019, following a technical error in the registration programme caused by failure to observe the country of eligibility correctly, according to Vickers.
After receiving bids Monday and opening their technical files Tuesday, it was discovered that the terms and conditions of the contract presented to the companies [contained] a technical error, which contradicts what was agreed by the council previously," the capital's municipal council said in a statement.
We recently discovered a technical error due to a Twitter product update to Android clients that affected some video ad campaigns from November 7 to December 12," the spokesperson said in a (https://blog.
In relation to Councillor Ann Higgins, her contact details were published on the ward surgeries page but unfortunately, due to a technical error, this was not replicated on her individual page.
A CHOPPER crash that killed a Scot and 12 others in Norway has been blamed on a technical error.
Their spokesman said: "The money was transferred, but it seems a technical error with the client's bank led to it not going through.
The firm said that about 8,000 people had paid more than they should have because of a technical error.
In a statement, Lufthansa regretted the matter, chalking it up to a technical error, and said it had offered Kopfler frequent flier mileage as compensation.
com The Omani team failed to pass inspection due to a last-minute technical error.
Sattar said that even if any such an email had been sent due to an error of human judgment or technical error

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