technetium 99m

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a chemical element, atomic number 43, atomic weight 99, symbol Tc. (See Appendix 6.)
technetium 99m the most frequently used radioisotope in nuclear medicine, a gamma emitter having a half-life of 6.01 hours.

tech·ne·ti·um 99m (99mTc),

A radioisotope of technetium that decays by isomeric transition, emitting an essentially monoenergetic gamma ray of 142 keV with a half-life of 6.01 hours. It is usually obtained from a radionuclide generator of molybdenum-99 and is used to prepare radiopharmaceuticals for scanning the brain, parotid, thyroid, lungs, blood pool, liver, heart, spleen, kidney, lacrimal drainage apparatus, bone, and bone marrow.
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7) The technetium 99m pertechnetate scan is the test of choice for detecting Meckel's diverticulum, with a reported sensitivity of 85% to 90% in the pediatric population.
Harper et al (19) initially introduced the technetium 99m pertechnetate scan in 1962 as a method of diagnosing Meckel's diverticulum because of the tracer's propensity to concentrate in gastric mucosa.
The Tru-Scint (R) AD (TM) kit is a Technetium 99m labelled monoclonal antibody which reacts with most adenocarcinomas and is an effective vehicle to target cancer cells.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Myoview (kit for the preparation of technetium 99m tetrofosmin), a new product that will make diagnosing heart problems more accurate and cost-effective.