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Scientists say they expect the teaspoonful of dust collected from comet Wild 2 to provide new insights on the origins of our solar system.
According to breast-feeding advocate at the Women's Health Action Trust in Auckland, Louise James, exclusive breast-feeding means that anything but breast milk given by mouth to a baby--even a teaspoonful of liquid--changes the status from exclusive to fully breast-fed.
A teaspoonful of bouillon granules, teriyaki sauce or salsa will provide variety in flavor.
A teaspoonful becomes a soupcon, stir gently becomes softly circulate.
The patient takes half a teaspoonful a day for three months, banging the container daily.
One teaspoonful of the powder in water, taken away from food, is most effective.
This means it only contains 1-2% fructose and glucose -- representing about half a teaspoonful," he said.
Or, stir a teaspoonful of crushed or whole capers into cold dips, sauces or spreads.
If you give your child one teaspoonful of liquid every minute, in less than an hour your child will have taken one cup.
The chart incorrectly equates a dropperful and partial dropperfuls to a teaspoonful and partial teaspoonfuls.
On a particularly hot day, before going to bed, drink a glass of water containing half a teaspoonful of salt.
Plate 1/2 of the ox cheek and smother with the reduced sauce - then place the fried mushrooms and peas over the cheek and add a small teaspoonful of pickled shallots over the top.