riot control agent

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riot control agent

The formal term for any of those vaporized chemicals (such as chloroacetophenone and chlorobenzylidene malononitrile) used in tear gas. These agents cause irritation on contact, e.g., to the skin, eyes, or respiratory mucosa, and produce visual blurring, itching and burning of the skin, coughing, wheezing, nausea or vomiting, and occasionally asphyxia.

Patient care

To reduce the effects of a tear gas exposure, remove the victim's clothes and wash the skin and hair promptly and thoroughly in soapy water. Rinse exposed eyes with sterile liquids. Patients who develop asthma or wheezing should be treated with bronchodilators such as albuterol.

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The post Greek police fire teargas at protesters on anniversary of riots appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Abdel Latif denied the use of any weaponry by security forces, including teargas. He said the ministry is yet to acquire an exact number of those arrested from the clashes.
"Bahrain police have used teargas excessively, indiscriminately and lethally over the past 2 and 1/2 years, since the start of the uprising.
"We were filming Sunday afternoon as the police were attacking a group of demonstrators with teargas, and ended between the two groups.
Opposition activists have questioned the government's willingness to buy the teargas at a time when Egypt's foreign reserves have more than halved since 2011, the government has run out of money to pay for fuel subsidies, and officials have yet to agree the details of a much-needed and much-delayed IMF loan worth 4.8 billion pound, the paper said.
Ljubljana : Police late Monday used teargas to disperse thousands of demonstrators calling for the mayor of Slovenia's second city Maribor, suspected of corruption, to resign.
One of them said that he knew that the accused was planning the robbery and was keeping a teargas for that purpose.
The leader of the opposition Wefaq party Sheikh Ali Salman was hit on the chest and shoulder by a rubber bullet and a teargas canister on Friday, the movement said in a statement.
Demonstrator Hussein Abbas, 22, said: "All of a sudden the square was filled with teargas clouds.
Israel's army said on Thursday it had used potentially lethal teargas grenades of a type banned by its rules, but promised it would never happen again, Reuters reported.
German police have used truncheons and teargas to clear a railway line as they clashed with anti-nuclear activists trying to disrupt a shipment of nuclear waste heading to a storage dump.
3 -- Security forces burst teargas shells and also resorted to lathicharge to disperse protestors at Trehgam and sopore after they defied curfew restriction today.