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1. A drop of fluid secreted by the lacrimal glands.
2. A red blood cell with a pear shape, in which the constricted end narrows to a point.
[A.S. tear, teahor, taeher, Old Norse tar]
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Note the unique charting for the teardrop in the profile view.
According to nuCamp RV CEO Scott Hubble, "The uCamp17 event offers our company the opportunity to connect directly with our very enthusiastic customers who love their teardrop campers and want to share their experiences with each other and with those of us here at the factory in Sugarcreek.
5 Assorted Medium and Dark Blue Solids 5/8 yard each for patches Navy Blue Solid 1 1/4 yards for sashes and binding Backing 3 5/8 yards Batting 60" x 64" Freezer paper Fabric marking pencil Teardrop stencil (optional)
The practical test-mandated/real-world recommended method of holding pattern entry is to determine on what heading you will cross the holding fix, then use the 70-degree/180-degree diagram at right to decide whether to make a direct, parallel or teardrop entry into the hold.
Culture Club MIRROR MEN: The Human League LITTLE RED: Sonia POP PRINCESS: Kylie Minogue COPE AND CO: The Teardrop Explodes GOLDEN TIME: Spandau Ballet WILD BOYS: Duran Duran SPUN ROUND: Dead or Alive KING OF POP: Michael Jackson Kylie Minogue - still going strong 25 years later - the music of the 1980s was as diverse as it was catchy.
Its teardrop design assists in reaching difficult areas.
Morpeth and District Soroptimists raised the money for the Teardrop Charity at Wansbeck General in Ashington by holding a summer supper at Kirkley Hall near Ponteland.
The 46-year-old female victim said the jewels, including a square diamond cluster ring with two carat diamonds worth pounds 1,300, two carat diamond cluster ring and a gold band with a teardrop diamond cluster worth pounds 900 and a gold band with teardrop diamond cluster worth pounds 900, were taken from a jewellery box.
Within the crack is a stainless steel teardrop representing grief.
SINGER, author, visionary and hip archaeologist, Julian Cope is still fondly remembered on Merseyside for his time fronting post punklegends The Teardrop Explodes.