team practice

team practice

professional practice by a group of professionals that may include physicians, nurses, and others, such as a social worker, nutritionist, or physical therapist, who manage the care of a specified number of patients as a coordinated group, usually in an outpatient setting.

team prac·tice

(tēm praktis)
Collaborative group of dental professionals who collaboratively manage patient care.

team practice,

n professional practice by a group of complementary health care providers who collectively manage the care of a patient population.
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Perkins then driven to the team practice facility and turned the gun on himself, orphaning the couple's infant daughter.
Summary: Argentina manager Diego Maradona made his team practice penalties ahead of their quarter-final against Germany.
A nagging calf injury forced the Chelsea midfielder out of the 4-2 win over Costa Rica on Friday, but after receiving further treatment over the weekend, Ballack now looks set to rejoin full team practice.
With team practice or games nearly every day after school, students are often forced to cut back on their time in dance classes and they could miss out on essential training.
Before the start of regular team practice, I like to divide the team into three groups for individualized attention.
Rider was suspended after missing the team's flight to Detroit as well as the team practice before the game.
Scott and his investment team practice a large capitalization growth investment style, which will be used to manage their portion of the Fund's assets.
Suzara visited the team practice Friday morning along with PSL chair Philip Ella Juico and Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas vice president Pete Cayco at Arellano University Gym.
With team practice now in full force and the start of the season around the corner, students, alumni and fans are searching for tickets to watch their favorite teams battle for the national championship.
This team practice method provides professional development opportunities for shareholders and associates and solidifies a culture of commitment and accountability among the shareholders.
color) College of the Canyons athlete Linda Cohn practices her javelin technique during a team practice.
I've been able to shoot every day, sometimes before the team practice, (also) when they're done, and even a little bit on my own time.