teaching plan

teach·ing plan

(tēch'ing plan)
nursing Outline of education to be provided to patient, family, community, and other learners; includes objectives, content, teaching methods, time frame, and evaluation.
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Although the practicum was tied to the fall reading course, the Haralson educators continued to revise and refine their collaborative teaching plan throughout the 2002-2003 school year.
Recent developments will lead to a new teaching plan, which should reduce wastage rates, improve planning and introduce a quality management system for pilot training, he added.
It will be spent on training staff to deal with the new style of fifth and sixth year teaching plan which will replace the existing highers next August.
Accompanying the standard of care is a teaching plan on TB (see Figure 2).This is a tool for RN use for patient teaching.
To be assessed for the club, children should have achieved level 7 or 8 on the national teaching plan or equivalent, be able to swim 50 metres and have an understanding of all four swimming strokes.
Head tutor for Schools for Life ( an adult learning scheme based at the centre, Marytn is using the faded prints as part of a teaching plan to get people to learn more about the place they live in.
I argue in this paper that more listening strategies should be taught in classes and a simple teaching plan is given.
Mandy Bidgood, who jetted out to Beijing for a two-year stay in the south west of the country late last year, has been incorporating her local evening newspaper into her teaching plan.
Hunt said: "At the moment we only offer lessons up to stage seven of the National Swimming Teaching Plan.
But as the subject, which is a cross between maths and physics, wasn't taught at Harlaw Academy in Aberdeen his teachers agreed to give him a teaching plan, materials and textbooks to study it in his spare time.

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