teaching plan

teach·ing plan

(tēch'ing plan)
nursing Outline of education to be provided to patient, family, community, and other learners; includes objectives, content, teaching methods, time frame, and evaluation.
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The webinar goes through a two-week teaching plan for the start of Reichelson's classes.
He introduces song examples via YouTube videos and encourages teachers to listen and view with their students before constructing a teaching plan.
8:00 terminate no later than 20:00), in the form of course, carried out according to the teaching plan covering an average of not less than 25 hours.
on these grounds, we believe that Jaber University should be independent so that the enrolled students can be taught advanced curricula compatible with the teaching plan worked out by the Ministry of education and the World Bank.
In devising a teaching plan she also came to realise the wisdom of not trying to cover everything at once, but to develop a plan which could function as a basis on which to build in future.
The AIOU has recently entered into agreements with various Regional and international educational institutions for exchange of academic programmes and research-based material to improve the teaching plan of the University through distance learning system.
Section III introduces three "cases" that the author uses in his own classes, discusses their economic insights, and provides a rough teaching plan.
Sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover and called Indicate, the resource is available to all UK schools and comprises a student workbook and 12-lesson teaching plan that is based on real life activities within the motor industry.
The competitive swim class, held every Tuesday at 4pm, is one of a selection of pool-based sessions that form stage eight of the National Teaching Plan.
OLYMPIC medallist Stephen Parry was on hand to help launch Knowsley's first Aquatic Strategy and the National Teaching Plan at Kirkby Leisure Centre.
Previous research focused on teaching and learning related to fostering healthy behaviors in patients with various medical issues, and has included the concept of readiness to learn as an important variable when determining a teaching plan (Grahn & Johnson, 1990; O'Shea, 2001; Tiivel, 1997; Whyte, Watson, & McIntosh, 2006).
Staff at Teesdale Leisure Centre in Barnard Castle, have undergone training in preparation for the start of the new Amateur Swimming Association-supported National Teaching Plan.

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