teach back

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teach back

, teach-back, teachback
A method to ensure and improve a patient's understanding of his or her condition, diagnosis, medical regimen, prognosis, or treatment plan.

Patient care

After the health care provider relays disease-specific information, he or she asks the patient, caregivers, or family members, "Tell me what we've just discussed, " or "Explain to me how to take this medication, ” or “Explain to me how to prepare for surgery, ” or “Tell me whom to call if problems arise, ” etc. Providing the opportunity for teaching back is esp. helpful when assisting patients with limited health literacy to adhere to medical plans and retain complicated information, although it may be useful in other clinical encounters, as when patients are anxious, distracted, hurried, or overwhelmed.

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A good option would be a technique known as teach-back, in which the physician asks the patient to describe the assessment and treatment plan.
Recommended evaluation methods include teach-back and show-me or return demonstration (Brega et al.
The critical role of a patient engagement coach who trains clinicians on how they can help improve patient engagement through the use of a communication rubric and role-model teach-back with distinct questions to ask patients to promote patient engagement;
Understand Medication Teach-back showed good medication reconciliation and understanding by regimen review.
A Quick Start Guide lets you watch a 6-minute video, then pick one of three tools to implement: Conduct Brown Bag Medicine Reviews, Communicate Clearly, or Use the Teach-Back Method.
19) Questions were grouped into 2 domains: interpersonal communication (5 techniques) and teach-back (2 techniques).
Just as in the original survey by Coleman (2011), a select-all-that-apply format was used, with topic choices that included the prevalence of low health literacy and its effects on patient outcomes, how to use plain language for oral and written communication (use lay terms instead of medical language or jargon), and how to use the teach-back technique (Table 2).
The training is designed to turn sailors and policemen into intelligence instructors using a train-the-trainer format, and having students teach-back during the second week.
Teach-Back and Show-Me are easy techniques for health professionals to learn and to use, and are effective strategies for engaging all consumers, including children and young people, in clarifying information and correcting misunderstandings.
Since only 12 percent of Americans have proficient health literacy, (9) many leading health care organizations, including the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recommend that health care professionals use health literacy universal precautions, such as plain language, teach-back method and the use of easy-to-read materials with all patients.
Tools include how to use teach-back (see The power of teach-back), a reminder of key communication strategies, and a handout of systems patients can use to keep track of their medications.
Teach-back is the most effective way of ensuring participants understands their clinical trial involvement (Baer et al.