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Histology noun A small bag originally produced from a porous paper—currently from a plastic mesh similar to that used for tea—used to contain fragments of tissue—e.g., products of conception, which are notoriously prone to floating into other tissues during the processing of specimens for histologic examination
Vox populi noun A colloquial, deprecating regionalism for a little old lady
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On the basis on the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, sales volume, market share and growth rate of Tea Bag Paper for each application, including-
For green tea bag samples, 5 min infusion exhibited higher concentration of polyphenols than 1 min infusion.
(and 85 percent in the U.K.) is brewed with tea bags.
Ms Davies wanted the hot water to have with her own decaf tea bag that she had brought with her.
Besides a sustainable packing material, the size of a tea bag guarantees the full flavour once the tea leaves are brewed.
They don't look like tea bags. On the print above my bed
Everyone knows that tea leaves have been read to foretell the future for eons, but who knew tea bags fell into that category?
The dainty, unique tea bag holders were adorned with anthropomorphic smiley faces and begged to hold wet, discarded tea bags.
The ubiquitous tea bag, preferred tea-making method for billions of people for more than a century, is about to be pushed off its pedestal.
Each translucent tea bag holds one of seventeen best-selling Tea Emporium blends.
YOU WILL NEED: Plain white paper Envelopes (optional) A used tea bag
expanding interest within the natural foods market has launched the reinvention of the tea bag