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trademark for preparations of chlorotrianisene, a synthetic estrogen used for palliative treatment of prostate cancer and for replacement therapy.
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An ADAMs family protein encoded by ADAM17 on chromosome 2p25, which acts as a tumour necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme (TACE). It binds mitotic arrest-deficient 2 protein, and plays a key role in activating Notch signalling, resulting in the proteolytic release of cell-surface proteins, including p75 TNF-receptor, IL-1 receptor type II, p55 TNF-receptor, TGF-alpha, L-selectin, growth hormone receptor, MUC1 and amyloid precursor protein (APP).
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transcatheter arterial chemoembolization



A technique for destroying tumors in which a tube is guided into the arterial blood supply of the tumor and drugs, fragments of muscle, or synthetic spheres are introduced to obstruct the artery. It is used to treat liver cancers that cannot be removed surgically.
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Employing master woodworking skills, Tasset had perfectly replicated an ordinary shipping pallet in finely finished hardwood.
Concurrent with the gallery survey, Tasset installed two newly realized public art commissions in Chicago's Loop.
Deliberately miscellaneous, the show pulled in multiple directions--toward the warmth of family, the idiosyncrasies of art historical taxonomy, and also, through the gracefulness of the photo of Tasset's wife and the absurdity-touched vanity of his video self-portraits, ideas about women's and men's different senses of self.
It began with a twelve-foot-high sculpture in painted wax and steel--a rendering of a cherry tree in the Tassets' garden.
Comprising a close helmet, breastplate and tassets (thigh protectors), backplate, gorget (collar) and shoulder plates, the suit is associated with a number of finely-etched north German armours made in the early 1560s for the dukes of Brunswick, their court and their men-at-arms.
He is pictured wearing particularly fine Italian armour, consisting of cuirass and tassets, with the gauntlets and close helmet on the table behind, all finely decorated with etched designs.
The "Lion Armor," a suit of plate armor complete with tassets and decorated with repousse rinceaux and gilded, damascened bands, the Collar of the Order of St.
TABLE 9: Cross-Sectional Regression Results: Change in Institutional Ownership Versus Split Factor and Total Assets Dependent Variable Independent Variables INTERCEPT SPLTFACT LN TASSETS [R.sup.2] PCHCOS 0.725 0.0202 -0.0567 0.04 (9.20) (0.05) (-4.44(**)) PCHPIO 0.426 -0.0376 -0.0329 0.02 (5.67) (-0.80) (-2.70(**)) *, ** Significant at the 5% and 1% level, respectively.
[PCHCOS.sub.i] = [a.sub.01] + [b.sub.1i](SPLTFACT) + [B.sub.2i]LN(TASSETS)
[PCHPIO.sub.i] = [a.sub.0i] + [b.sub.1i](SPLTFACT) + [B.sub.2i]LN(TASSETS)