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Over the years, Virgie's has introduced many new products, but the bestsellers are still the mango tarts and caramel tarts--both of them often copied, but never equaled.
My favorite ways to eat Bake's cheese tarts are fresh and chilled.
Of course I didn't steal the tarts! Let's be level-headed, shall we?
Customers who bought one or more of the tarts that have been recalled can get a full refund by returning them to the location from where they were bought along with the receipt of sale.
This tart is excellently sliceable, perfectly wobbly and the soft texture of the filling with the flake of the pastry is unreal.
Fruit-forward, slightly tart teas are a steady winner in the marketplace, said Mary Chapman, director of product innovation at Chicago-based food industry consultant Technomic.
The egg tarts and cakes should be enough to keep the customers coming back.
As the tarts are pre baked they require minimum fuss, the structure of the tart prevents a soggy base and they can be filled with a variety of sweet fillings.
For those with a sweet tooth, Sophellies made Redcar Rock and Lemon Top tarts.
The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Bakewell Tart 340g PS3.50 No soggy bottoms here, this is a tart with a great, crisp pastry shell.
shown itself to be heartless and the seriously IAM writing to enquire if any ECHO readers fancy joining the likes of Stephen Fry, Raymond Blanc, Barbara Windsor and the Military Wives Choir in supporting Tarts for Troops - a fantastic fundraiser for blind ex-servicemen and women.