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abbreviation for the tartrate carboxylate anion.


An ostepathic mnemonic device for the most common findings in somatic dysfunction:
Restricted motion
Tissue texture changes.


Osteopathy A mnemonic–tenderness, asymmetry, restricted motion, tissue texture changes–for the most common findings in somatic dysfunction. See Osteopathy, Somatic dysfunction.


n in osteopathic medicine, a modification of the STAR acronym, which represents “tenderness,” asymmetry,” range of motion modified,” and “tissue texture change.” See also STAR.
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1997) where distribution of sensory scores suggested that early harvested fruit had not developed full flavor and that high values for tartness and firmness did not necessarily imply quality and consumer acceptance.
A dry white summer refresher from Bordeaux packed with lively, lemony fruit, but no sauvignon tartness.
Add the tartness of a lemon, the sparkle of soda, pour over ice and you have an aperitif.
The resulting emulsion is blended with simple syrup for a distinct lemon flavor without the tartness of pure lemon juice.
The subtle raspberry sweetness balances the cherry tartness.
50) which was accompanied by a small bunch of red currants and some red currant sauce with the sharpness of the berries adding just the right amount of tartness.
Smooth-tasting with medium-sweet notes, a rich apple flavour, followed by some tartness and a finish of peaty whisky.
On the palate the light tannins come through giving the fruit some tartness and lift.
The sweetness of strawberries combined with the tartness of rhubarb makes this a perfect complement to icecream, cheesecakes, pancakes and yoghurts.
The tartness of homemade cranberry sauce works really well with game dishes, baked ham and roast chicken.
All that fruit makes for a full-bodied almost fleshy wine but with enough tartness to prevent any flabbiness - and we all know how much we hate flabby bits.
The consistency displayed an agreeable grain, and the tartness of the yogurt and the lime, sweetened with a light hand, finished our meal nicely without finishing us.