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abbreviation for the tartrate carboxylate anion.


An ostepathic mnemonic device for the most common findings in somatic dysfunction:
Restricted motion
Tissue texture changes.


Osteopathy A mnemonic–tenderness, asymmetry, restricted motion, tissue texture changes–for the most common findings in somatic dysfunction. See Osteopathy, Somatic dysfunction.


n in osteopathic medicine, a modification of the STAR acronym, which represents “tenderness,” asymmetry,” range of motion modified,” and “tissue texture change.” See also STAR.
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The nose is lovely and inviting with a touch of tartness," said Gregg Glaser of Yankee Brew News.
When the tomatoes are too sweet for comfort, restaurants add more cream or butter; when they're sour, some cooks neutralise the excess tartness by loading the gravy with sugar, which is as blasphemous as chaptalisation of wine ( or adding sugar to balance a wine's excess acidity).
A splash of fruit juice, honey or maple syrup will balance tartness.
A cross between MS 598 and Florida 80-11, Prince blueberries are medium in size and color with a mild flavor and less tartness than many other rabbiteye varieties.
You can make it with any fruit but for a simple one to go with today's dessert blitz together a punnet of raspberries and the flesh from a couple of oranges, add a tsp or two of sugar to take away the tartness and pass it through a fine sieve.
You want to pick up the wine's vapors, the fruitiness of a Zinfandel or the tartness of a sauvignon blanc.
Dish of the Year: Tapenade-crusted whitefish has tartness, tenderness, pungency and piquancy all rolled up into one nifty entree.
marries sweetness sought by some and tartness touted by others, and it thrives in the hard climate of northern-tier states.
Light Cane sugar balances the tartness of the lemon.
Apples would be crispy and juicy without the tartness.
Throw in 13% Sauvignon Blanc for extra tartness and you've got a winning combination.
It could be cheesier and lose some of the tartness.