Tre·vor dis·ease

an uncommon developmental disorder of children, of unknown cause, in which abnormal proliferation of epiphyseal cartilage leads to formation of one or more painless masses adjacent to joints, particularly in the lower limb; angular deformity and restriction of motion may occur.
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An uncommon developmental disorder and overgrowth of a tarsal or carpal bone.
[tarso- + G. megas, large]
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(tăr″sō-mĕg′ă-lē) [″ + megas, large]
An enlargement of the heel bone, the calcaneus.
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Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica (DEH), firstly reported by Muchet and Berlot in 1926 and called tarsomegaly [1], was better described by Trevor in 1950 [2] (Trevor's disease) and Fairbank in 1956 [3].