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1 cup each tarragon leaves and flat-leaf (Italian) parsley
Increase heat to high, stir in wine and chopped tarragon; boil until liquid reduces by half.
Meanwhile, whisk together the eggs, milk, thyme or tarragon and the parsley in a mixing bowl.
Add the tarragon, parsley, mustards and a squeeze of lemon juice, then taste and season.
SALMON POACHED IN TARRAGON VINEGAR WITH CARROTS IN BROWN BUTTER (serves 4) INGREDIENTS 4 portions of salmon fillet, about 200g each, pin-boned 2 carrots, peeled 200ml white wine 200ml white wine vinegar 400ml water 50g caster sugar 10 tarragon sprigs For the carrots in brown butter: 250g salted butter 8 small carrots, peeled and halved lengthways, or 24 baby carrots 1 garlic clove, peeled and finely chopped 2tsp chopped tarragon Sea salt METHOD CUT the carrots lengthways into fine ribbons, using a vegetable peeler or mandoline.
Once the fish is ready, for the Once the fish is ready, for the dressing, combine 75ml of the poaching liquor (reserved from earlier) with 150ml brown butter, warm through and add the chopped tarragon. Place a portion of salmon on each warm plate.
constantly Remove from heat add tarragon vinegar infiision and gelatin.
For preparation of extract Tarragon leaves in dry conditions away from direct sunlight and then the powder.
On CBC Radio's The Current on February 7, Healey told host Anna Maria Tremonti that he resigned after the Tarragon decided it would not produce his new play.
Commercial real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.'s Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group orchestrated the property's sale from Tarragon Corp.
PARMESAN CRUSTED TURKEY ESCALOPE Served with a mushroom and oak smoked bacon sauce Serves 2 Ingredients: - 400g turkey breast - 50g mushrooms (wiped and sliced) - 50g bacon lardons (lightly oak smoked sweetcure rindless back) - 100g fresh breadcrumbs - 2 eggs - 50g grated Parmesan - 200ml whipping cream - 50g butter - 5 tbsp olive oil - 100ml cup dry white wine - 250ml chicken stock - 1 tbsp fresh tarragon finely chopped pinch of salt and pepper Heat a non-stick pan and add one tablespoon of olive oil and 25g of butter.
For sauce, in a bowl, combine concentrate, basil, mint, or tarragon, oil, water, Worcestershire and garlic.