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Discoloration of the surface of a metal restoration, usually due to the action of sulfides.
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'You and your followers are tarnishing India's reputation in front of the world.
blockers and antioxidants that will protect your roof from tarnishing.
I don't think Bigg Boss is tarnishing Tamil culture.
The post 'Mourinho tarnishing Premier League image' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Social networking sites were flooded with comments urging people to respond strongly to abusive campaigns, aimed at tarnishing the image of Shaikh Nasser who has always shown support to Bahraini youngsters.
Such coins, both historical and recent, are often placed on display in museums and exhibitions, and in some cases people are starting to find that the coins are tarnishing. This is as undesirable as it is odd, given gold's aforementioned resistance to oxidation, and is the focus of a new study reported by Chenghao Liang and a team from Dalian and Kunming in China.
It also bars "giving talks and distributing publications with the intention of tarnishing the image of the state".
Moussawi alleged that Washington and its Arab allies in the region had offered $500 million to bribe people into criticizing and tarnishing the image of the Iranian-backed Shiite group Hizbullah, which the U.S.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi dates company on Saturday accused the agriculture ministry of tarnishing the worldwide reputation of the national product after part of last year's yield was damaged, according to the company's chairman.
Hoss sent Qabbani a letter in which he asked that the mufti clear his name or resign to prevent from tarnishing the name of the Sunni sect.
While corrosion is not of course a problem for the pure 'noble' metals the phenomenon of tarnishing can be a big problem with precious metal alloys, particularly for sterling silver and for low carat golds.
Exiled Egyptian human rights activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who also holds US nationality, was sentenced in abstentia yesterday to two years in prison for defaming Egypt, MENA news agency reported.Judge Hisham Beshir of Cairo's Al-Khalifa Court sentenced the sociologist and human rights activist, who is currently in the United States, to two years behind bars for "tarnishing Egypt's reputation".