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Discoloration of the surface of a metal restoration, usually due to the action of sulfides.
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I don't think Bigg Boss is tarnishing Tamil culture.
The post 'Mourinho tarnishing Premier League image' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi dates company on Saturday accused the agriculture ministry of tarnishing the worldwide reputation of the national product after part of last year's yield was damaged, according to the company's chairman.
7 million pounds last year for using his likeness on billboards without his consent, and tarnishing his image.
While corrosion is not of course a problem for the pure 'noble' metals the phenomenon of tarnishing can be a big problem with precious metal alloys, particularly for sterling silver and for low carat golds.
Further tarnishing traditionalism are its fringe elements who can slide into anti-Semitism and conspiracy-mongering.
Don did not want anything to come between the work and the world," explains Weiner, and thus he accepted the tarnishing that some people find troubling.