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The process of having proteins contain certain signals such that the proteins are directed specifically towards certain cellular locations, for example, the lysosome. Compare: processing.


Medtalk The focusing of one's efforts on a particular goal. Gene targeting

Patient discussion about targeting

Q. Does good and healthy diet helps in achieving the target besides regular exercises? I am planning to join a gym to have a good physique, especially to get six pack abs. I think I need to work hard to develop muscles. I have kept my targets for a year to get them. My instructor has told me that he will guide me to make a really good looking abs. Does good and healthy diet helps in achieving the target besides regular exercises?

A. My experiences is that I missed to have a right diet and I lost my strength in the mid. This made me weak. And I lost all muscles very quickly. My targets were not to built abs but weight reduction. I stopped having one meal. I got slim but with lost energy. To make things worse I was having beverages. I did not notice that my health has deteriorated to a great extent. This was due to the passion to lose weight. So you keep your targets with low passion and with flexibility. Keep taking good diet and go slow and steady.

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It is the ECB, not the Federal Reserve, that would gain more from the adoption of inflation targeting as a meaningful framework for its policy.
Understand the clinical and strategic challenges to the commercialization of five major targeting strategies in oncology
Rather than relying on a single approach to targeting ads for a page, we blend more than 60 targeting variables to deliver extraordinary relevance.
Assess opportunities and risks for the continued development of anti-angiogenic and vascular targeting agents in five major cancer indications.
By consolidating separate page tags for ad serving, Web analytics and behavioral targeting into one single tag, Open AdStream 6 simplifies and improves audience number reconciliation, decreases page-load times, and reduces potential points of failure and data discrepancies.
The company's initial focus is on drugs targeting receptors for the vitamin folic acid, which are often over expressed on cancer cells.
In what may be an indication of the state of consumer sophistication about targeting in general, fully one-third of respondents weren't sure or had no opinion on what method moves them most.
The introduction of the InFocus targeting suite complements Vendare's proprietary optimization engine that has historically enabled buyers and planners to maximize and measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaign while accessing up to 85 million unique users a month.
Both the Interactive Targeting Map -- a local reach research tool -- and the Virtual Channel Designer, an advanced demographic channel targeting tool, give marketers the flexibility to examine various geographic and demographic scenarios before committing to a buying plan.
Kintera will market two Echelon Targeting products -- Echelon Power Segments and Echelon Discretionary Spending Index(TM) (DSI(TM)).
Two groups of 10 mice each received sham injections and naked anti-EWS-FLI1 siRNA, respectively, and three additional groups of 10 mice each received various siRNA sequences formulated with Calando's proprietary cyclodextrin-containing polymer siRNA delivery system: siRNA with an unrelated sequence to EWS-FLI1, anti-EWS-FLI1 siRNA and anti-EWS-FLI1 siRNA that did not contain the tumor targeting ligand.
The first such assay will be a gene expression assay associated with tumor response and resistance to compounds targeting the HER1 and HER2 pathways.

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