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1. an object or area toward which something is directed.
2. the area of the anode of an x-ray tube where the electron beam collides, causing the emission of x-rays.
3. a cell or organ that is affected by a particular agent, such as a hormone or drug.
target (omaha) in the omaha system, on the second level of the intervention scheme, any of the 62 objects of nursing interventions; the target serves to further describe an intervention. See also target definition.
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1. An object fixed as goal or point of examination.
See also: x-ray.
2. In the ophthalmometer, the mire.
See also: x-ray.
See also: x-ray. Synonym(s): target organ
4. Anode of an x-ray tube.
See also: x-ray.
[It. targhetta, a small shield]
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1. A usually metal part in an x-ray tube on which a beam of electrons is focused and from which x-rays are emitted.
2. Biochemistry A molecule or molecular structure, such as a protein or a nucleic acid, that a drug or other compound interacts with and modulates the activity of.
tr.v. tar·geted, tar·geting, tar·gets
Biochemistry To interact with as a target: drugs that target estrogen receptors.

tar′get·a·ble (-gĭ-tə-bəl) adj.
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Do Tirofiban And ReoPro Give similar Efficacy Trial. A trial comparing safety and efficacy of abciximab/ReoPro and tirofiban/Aggrastat in the context of stent placement/percutaneous coronary intervention.

Endpoints: death, acute myocardial infarction (MI), urgent revascularisation occurred in 7.6% of tirofiban patients vs 6.0% of abciximab patients.

Therapeutic Arthritis Research & Gastrointestinal Event Trial. A trial comparing the GI safety of Prexige (lumiracoxib) with ibuprofen and naproxen; a secondary endpoint was cardiovascular safety.

The primary endpoint, including incidence of MI, did not differ between lumiracoxib and either ibuprofen or naproxen, irrespective of aspirin use.
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adjective Pertaining to a lesion or radiologic finding in which there are ≥ 3 relatively well-circumscribed, concentrically arranged annular patterns or radiodensities noun Imaging The molecular defect that is examined in molecular imaging. See CT/PET, Molecular imaging. Cf Probe.
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1. An object fixed as a goal or point of examination.
2. In the ophthalmometer, the mire.
3. Synonym(s): target organ.
4. Anode of an x-ray tube.
See also: x-ray
5. In molecular diagnostic assays, the nucleic acid species being studied. The target is single-stranded and complementary to primers and/or probes.
[It. targhetta, a small shield]
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A pattern or an object of fixation such as a red dot or an optotype. See optotype.
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1. An object fixed as goal or point of examination.
2. Anode of an x-ray tube.
[It. targhetta, a small shield]
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Patient discussion about target

Q. Does good and healthy diet helps in achieving the target besides regular exercises? I am planning to join a gym to have a good physique, especially to get six pack abs. I think I need to work hard to develop muscles. I have kept my targets for a year to get them. My instructor has told me that he will guide me to make a really good looking abs. Does good and healthy diet helps in achieving the target besides regular exercises?

A. My experiences is that I missed to have a right diet and I lost my strength in the mid. This made me weak. And I lost all muscles very quickly. My targets were not to built abs but weight reduction. I stopped having one meal. I got slim but with lost energy. To make things worse I was having beverages. I did not notice that my health has deteriorated to a great extent. This was due to the passion to lose weight. So you keep your targets with low passion and with flexibility. Keep taking good diet and go slow and steady.

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Thus, the majority of participants were of the opinion that all members of the Organization (except for those belonging to the Culture and Education Agency, which under the extant circumstances would not be considered part of the OAG) would be targetable.
The FAIO relayed the targetable information to the JAGIC and the air interdiction coordinator (AI COORD) using the process that will be discussed in the next paragraph.
Caption: Figure 2: Pharmacologically targetable network clusters overexpressed in molecular subtypes of HGS-OvCa: (a, b) immunoreactive, (c, d) proliferative, and (e) mesenchymal subtype.
(45) Accordingly, DPH is key to determining whether a child is targetable during armed conflict.
Lastly, in the revised definition, the COG is a tangible and targetable agent that performs an action and can be shown to exist.
The RS-24 Yars is a solid fuel-based thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with at least four multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles.
TNBC is a cohort of breast cancer patients who have relatively few treatment options as they lack targetable hormonal biomarkers.
Although these alterations are rare and not currently targetable, their identification permits the oncologist to make an informed decision about standard therapy as well as clinical trial enrollment.
Both the DF-31 and DF-41 missiles are road-mobiles with enhanced accuracy and designed to release multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle, or MIRVs.
Professor Jeremy Pearson, BHF's associate medical director, explains: "Some of what we fund is really quite fundamental research, to discover things like how a heart cell beats in a way that we didn't know before, or which molecules are involved in that, and how they will be targetable to try and help fix irregular heartbeats, for example."
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