target population

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tar·get pop·u·la·tion

(tahrgĕt popyū-lāshŭn)
Select group who share the same distinct set of qualities for epidemiologic purposes.
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Schools in the most deprived areas are identified as target populations. Since school populations may not be representative of the deprivation area, subjective knowledge of student socio-economic status provides additional information in selecting target schools.
However, now is the critical period to start this transition> But first, we must explain the value and use of microinsurance to the target population and advocate the need to access the products approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) now.
Clubs met twice per month at the selected schools during study hour sessions or after school to introduce nursing careers to high school students In the target population. Initially, the announcement of the HCC was shared with all students.
When developing the data collection tool, remember to take into account the language limitation and literacy level of your target population. According to available data:
It belongs to the management team to channel these negative behaviors into positive outcomes through encouraging the target population, motivating them and supporting them by drawing on skills appropriate for adult education and psychology associated with this.
Previously, spillover has been used to describe a wide range of dynamics (20), but we recommend limiting its use to transient infections in a target host because of transmission from a reservoir host that is not self-sustaining in the target population.
The most substantial decline in the rate of vaccine-type disease has been in the target population of children less than 5 years old, according to an analysis comparing disease rates in 2003 with those in 1998-1999, when the Prevnar vaccine was not available.
Figure 2 outlines several popular films in relation to the health education topic(s), type of film, film rating, and target population. This activity usually takes 2 or 3 class periods to complete.
define cultural sensitivity as "the extent to which ethnic/cultural characteristics, experiences, norms, values, behavioral patterns and beliefs of a target population as well as relevant historical, environmental, and social forces are incorporated in the design, delivery, and evaluation of targeted health promotion materials and programs." (10) They present a model for understanding cultural sensitivity within a context of public health programming by differentiating "surface structure" from "deep structure." Surface structure includes factors affecting the interface between the study or intervention and the target audience, such as characteristics of staff, appropriateness of locations and familiarity of images used.
NEW ORLEANS -- Younger women with acute MI are a particularly high-priority target population in terms of screening for and treatment of postinfarct depression, Susmita Mallik, M.D., said at the annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association.
She explained that the incentive programs are "designed to assist the growth and development" of businesses by offering a means for "our target population to participate in procurement opportunities, and by allowing small businesses to work with larger businesses." Colbert-Kushner noted too that private companies with supplier diversity programs often rely on government certification in their assessments.
1.1326(b).Thus, even after selecting a statistical sample, a taxpayer may have to review documentation from outside the sample and target population to identify similar fringe benefits included in employees' gross incomes or excluded as a de minimis fringe benefit.