target muscle

target muscle,

n a single muscle or muscle group on which a massage therapist focuses specific methods for specific responses.
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By placing electrode pads on the skin over target muscle groups, a small electrical current can be applied to directly stimulate the motor nerves causing the muscle to contract.
8226; Massage treatments target muscle pain and trigger points to help alleviate the constant aches and help manage stress.
One day it may be possible to target muscle stem cells in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, for example, to extend their telomeres.
Strong antagonists and antagonist stabilizers are important to consider when strengthening any target muscle.
The selected threshold value acts as a cut-off level, and the electrical activity above that level is accepted as it is created by the target muscle itself.
By shifting the injury closer to the target muscle, regeneration of the proximal nerve stump can reach the motor endplate before degradation.
These new target muscle contractions correlate physiologically to the movements of the prosthetic device.
Pre-fatiguing specific target muscle groups with single-joint movements can elevate the difficulty of the succeeding multi-joint movements for a completely different stimulus.
Previous studies have also suggested that it may be present in the developing neuromuscular system as spinal cord motor neurons must manipulate the surrounding tissues to extend axons toward their target muscle cells.
Botox is a chemodenervation agent that weakens the target muscle by preventing acetylcholine release at the motor end plate.
In mammals, if nerve fibers outside the brain and spinal cord are injured, they can regenerate and may eventually reach their original target muscle to restore some function.