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It is shown that the ratio of the P,T,-violating to P-violating imaginary amplitudes can be obtained from the measurements of the neutron phase spectrum with polarized and unpolarized [.sup.139]La target.
Construction sector showed negative trend and droped by 7.6% against 10% target.
About 4,660 ha of land were brought under potato cultivation with a production target of 97,860 MT.
The Port of Tacloban with P41 million in collections versus its P23-million target; the Port of Zamboanga, which collected P29 million from its P25-million target; and the Port of Aparri, which collected P5.09 million from its P4.89-million target.
Target will further deepen its partnership with Google in 2018, as Target plans to make the Target REDcard debit or credit card available as an option for Google Express shoppers.
This section provided the intelligence targeting officer (ITO), collection manager, and FAIO situational awareness of ground moving target indicators in the area of operations.
Bullseye targets are fun to shoot and provide essential feedback to the new shooter.
15. A ( Keurig K50 single-serve brewer is available for $79.99 and shoppers will receive a free $15 Target gift card when they buy any listed Keurig brewer.
One point is awarded for every target that falls, so reliability is important.
The Rimfire Steel product line gives customers access to the durability and quality design of Action Target steel targets at a lower cost with prices ranging from $45 for the Rimfire Spinning Jack to $165 for the Rimfire Bullseye to $225 for the Rimfire Plate Rack.
355, a deferred intercompany gain of $60 would result to Sub when Sub distributed the Target stock to Parent.