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A massage movement consisting in striking with the side of the hand, usually with partly flexed fingers.
Synonym(s): tapping (1)
[Fr. fr. tapoter, to tap]


The passage into a cavity of a trocar and cannula, needle, or other hollow instrument for the purpose of removing fluid; variously designated according to the cavity punctured.
Synonym(s): tapping (2) .
[G. parakentēsis, a tapping for dropsy, fr. para, beside, + kentēsis, puncture]


A group of massage movements that involve the repetitive, regular, rhythmic striking of the tissue with some part of the hand; includes beating, hacking, cupping, and tapping.
See also: percussion
Synonym(s): tapping (1) .
[Fr. fr. tapoter, to tap]

1 tapping

(tap'ing) [ ¹tap] Percussion (3).

muscle tapping

Tapping the skin over a muscle belly to recruit more motor units and facilitate contraction. It is usually performed manually over muscles weakened from neurologic insult.

2 tapping

(tap′ing) [ ²tap]
The withdrawal of fluid from a body cavity. Examples include paracentesis and thoracentesis.


n massage technique that uses the fingertips percussively. See also tapotement.
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When we stepped outside the apartment I looked over the ledge and didn't see any involuntary soldiers but then I realized I forgot my tapping stick.
The discovery that only tasks with linguistic meaning disrupt right-handed tapping indicates that the left hemisphere handles specific characteristics of language, rather than muscle movements or symbolic abilities involved in language, Corina's group contends.
After the expo, Tapping the Source provide wrap-up reports, and all materials featured on the site will be available through LinuxWorld's on line archives.
During the tapping operation as drive slack is taken up, very large torque loads must be transferred from the tangs to the adaptor housing assembly.
Users can benefit from new technology including developments such as diamond-coated solid carbide taps for highly abrasive composite materials, high performance carbide taps for stellites, taps for high-speed applications, and taps for tapping without coolant.
If you see one character tapping, it's exciting," he says.
Thus, it may come as a surprise that tapping has gone high tech and now has answers to most tapping dilemmas.
OVER THE years we argued about recognition and credit, tap's natural succession, women and wardrobe, He was "so sick of loose and comfortable"; I didn't want to see tapping women in unitards; I reminded him thai he was a guy and what right did he have to be so obsessed with what women wore anyway.
Nine of Goldberg's tapping colleagues, the Sole Sisters, recounted her crusades to balance the gender gap in a male-dominated tap world, as well as to highlight the achievements of octogenarian black tap masters, who were still alive and teaching.
You are tapping in your bedroom, in the bathroom, even the shower.
Jeni LeGon, the first black female tap dancer to sign a contract with a major Hollywood studio, MGM, was known for tapping in her signature pantsuits.
Now he had endurance and grace, tapping for almost eighteen minutes nonstop, working without music, only the sound of taps.