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A massage movement consisting in striking with the side of the hand, usually with partly flexed fingers.
Synonym(s): tapping (1)
[Fr. fr. tapoter, to tap]
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The passage into a cavity of a trocar and cannula, needle, or other hollow instrument for the purpose of removing fluid; variously designated according to the cavity punctured.
Synonym(s): tapping (2) .
[G. parakentēsis, a tapping for dropsy, fr. para, beside, + kentēsis, puncture]


A group of massage movements that involve the repetitive, regular, rhythmic striking of the tissue with some part of the hand; includes beating, hacking, cupping, and tapping.
See also: percussion
Synonym(s): tapping (1) .
[Fr. fr. tapoter, to tap]
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1 tapping

(tap'ing) [ ¹tap] Percussion (3).

muscle tapping

Tapping the skin over a muscle belly to recruit more motor units and facilitate contraction. It is usually performed manually over muscles weakened from neurologic insult.

2 tapping

(tap′ing) [ ²tap]
The withdrawal of fluid from a body cavity. Examples include paracentesis and thoracentesis.
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Without stopping I grabbed the navy blue umbrella that wasn't the Mister's and left him my tapping stick in return.
In tapping, the feedrate must match the thread pitch; in thread milling the cutting feedrate can be whatever feed you wish.
OVER THE years we argued about recognition and credit, tap's natural succession, women and wardrobe, He was "so sick of loose and comfortable"; I didn't want to see tapping women in unitards; I reminded him thai he was a guy and what right did he have to be so obsessed with what women wore anyway.
With peck tapping. the tap always enters the thread at the same point, never losing the lead.
Nine of Goldberg's tapping colleagues, the Sole Sisters, recounted her crusades to balance the gender gap in a male-dominated tap world, as well as to highlight the achievements of octogenarian black tap masters, who were still alive and teaching.
Tapping chucks are available in either rigid or tension/compression styles and have either a modular or one-piece construction.
You are tapping in your bedroom, in the bathroom, even the shower.
Jeni LeGon, the first black female tap dancer to sign a contract with a major Hollywood studio, MGM, was known for tapping in her signature pantsuits.
It has cut downtime and costs by converting to precision quick-change tapping tools from TM Smith Tool Int'l Corp, Mt Clemens, MI, a supplier and developer of quick-change toolholding systems for drilling, reaming, and tapping operations.
He was happy to be tapping. When the tour ended, he was invited to join the Toronto-based National Tap Dance Company of Canada.
Whether it's a jobshop or an automaker's multimillion dollar transfer line, there will be machining centers, lathes, drill presses, and tapping machines that make extensive use quick-change toolholders and quick-change tap adaptors.
Now he had endurance and grace, tapping for almost eighteen minutes nonstop, working without music, only the sound of taps.