active recovery

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ac·tive re·cov·er·y

(ak'tiv rĕ-kŭv'ĕr-ē)
Exercising with gradually diminishing intensity immediately after a bout of vigorous exercise; facilitates lactate and metabolic waste removal by maintaining blood flow in muscles during recovery.
Synonym(s): active cool-down, tapering-off.
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He said that that the markets had already incorporated quite a few of the elements of the tapering-off, and there had been some amount of overreaction from the market.
However, conditions in global financial markets, post the announcement of tapering-off of Quantitative Easing (QE) by the Federal Reserve of the US in May 2013, have become very volatile and indicate a low risk appetite by foreign investors for emerging economies.
As athletes, we normally do cycles of intense, strenuous training followed by a tapering-off period so that our bodies are feeling fresh and ready for competition.
A tapering-off of sales at jewellery chain Signet's UK stores in recent weeks provided fresh evidence that the consumer boom is slowing yesterday.
Mainland GDP growth is projected to slow down somewhat to slightly below 2 per cent in 2001 and 2002, reflecting the recent monetary tightening, the tapering-off of world trade and the return to a normal level of electricity production, which will only be partly offset by a less negative development of petroleum-sector investment.