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Imaging The gradual narrowing of a lumen, often due to external compression. See Rat tail tapering Sports medicine A weight training term for a slow 'weaning' from steroid use. See Anabolic steroids, Weight training Therapeutics The gradual lowering of drug dose. See Drug tapering.


Gradually reducing the amount of a drug when stopping it abruptly would cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
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n a process of shaping a clasp arm the better to distribute flexure throughout its length, thus reducing fatigue, strain hardening, and resultant fracture.
tapering arch,
n a dental arch that converges from the molars to the central incisors to such a degree that lines passing through the central grooves of the molars and premolars intersect within one inch anterior to the central incisors. See also arch, tapering.
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Addressing these fears directly may facilitate the discussions with patients when discussing the tapering of opioids.
Howell et al [25] showed, using the Windsor geometry but as here applying the tapering only to the upper half of the body, that the introduction of a shoulder into the geometry leads to the formation of a vortex which, in turn, generates downwash.
Proceed with tapering every 1 to 2 weeks by a one-sixth dose reduction of the tapered medication and a one-sixth increase in diazepam.
This is in agreement with [6], the smaller the tapering angle is, the smaller the radiation angle is and the energy radiated from taper interior can never go far from the taper cone.
One can observe the increase of the pi /p0 ratio with the tapering and therefore the increase of the stiffness of the rotor and the tool.
One concern of athletes commencing a tapering regimen is the possible negative effect of detraining as a result of the reduced training load during the taper.
Research has shown that tapering effectively improves race performance by 3% to 5%.
In comments accompanying the new report, several psychiatrists support frequent neuroleptic tapering.
Single-mode optical fiber components that arise from tapering the optical fibers are used in couplers, wavelength filters, coaxial couplers and mode transformers.
Single-mode optical fiber components[12] that arise from tapering the optical fibers are used in couplers, wavelength filters,[7,8] coaxial couplers and mode transformers.
Longer duration of buprenorphine tapering regime is significantly associated with superior outcomes in treatment for prescription opioid addiction, a double-blind randomized trial has found.