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Relating to tan (tan-bark) or to tannin.
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Yer man filmed his health tip in Cahors in south west France where they make hardy reds from Malbec, known locally as Cot as well as a little Tannat, which, as the name suggests, is very tannic.
In the mouth, the bright black plum fruit shows plenty of juicy acidity and a good tannic structure that wraps around the tastebuds.
The TPC was calculated from a calibration curve derived by repeating the same procedure with tannic acid solutions of concentrations ranging from 0 to 50 mg/L (Fig.
Tannic acid with low levels affords protection against polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-induced foresto-mach and lung [11].
It is gritty, tannic and acidic, the company says, with rounder tannins than apple cidres.
The cider makers choose specific apples to achieve this flavor profile, including French bittersweet apple varieties from Normandy, like Dabinett, Binet Rouge and Harry Masters Jersey, which contribute to the cider's high tannic character and dry finish.
That bark contained tannic acid, which was used in tanning leather.
Look over the side of the skiff: White and otherwise bright tones don't really seem to be very visible, especially under low light conditions in tannic backwaters.
It washed down our pizzas just fine but, beyond the fact that it wasn't especially acidic or tannic and had a vaguely fruity smell, that's all I can say about it.
4Get better results gluing woods that are oily or high in tannic acid.
oleander showed that the amount of alkaloids flavonoids glycosides tannic acid steroids triterpenoids and saponins was greater in leaves as compared to gemmomodified extracts.