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Q. I had breast cancer 13 years ago and had a lumpectomy.Can I tan at a tanning salon? I recently bought a tanning salon and the urge to tan is really strong. I was going to put alot of lotion on the spot of surgery and a towel to help. What do you think?

A. Because you most probably had radiation therapy after your lumpectomy, and some damage was caused to the skin and soft tissues as it happens most of the time after getting radiation, I doubt it would be the best thing for you body to get treatments at a tanning salon, where they expose you to more rays. Perhaps if you avoid tanning in that area it wouldn't be a major problem but I think you should consult a doctor first..

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In other studies, photographs were used as stimuli where an original image and/or an artificially tanned image of individuals were rated on attractiveness (Chung, Gordon, Veledar, & Chen, 2010; Fink, Grammer, & Thornhill, 2001; Grant, Gillen, & Bernstein, in press; Smith, Cornelissen, & Tovee, 2007).
Sunless tanning methods using dihydroxyacetone are a safe way of achieving a tanned skin appearance without ultraviolet light exposure.
A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that many young women who tanned in salons at least 10 times a year had seven times the melanoma incidence of non-users.
Sunscreen on her face - SPF 30 - should keep the wrinkles at bay, she figures, but the rest of her body - already tanned a deep copper this early in the summer - is on its own, she said.
For a little something extra, try Mystic Tan Shimmer FACE to add a sophisticated glow to a tanned face.