tandem mass spectrometry

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tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS)

a two-step technique used to analyze a sample for a predetermined set of substances, either by using a separate mass spectroscope for each step or by using the same spectroscope to perform the steps sequentially. In the first stage, a predetermined set of ions is selected for fragmentation; in the second, mass spectra are produced for the fragments. This technique is used in screening newborns for multiple metabolic disorders from a single blood sample.

multistage/mass spectrometry

An analytical procedure which recognises ions as reactive entities that can be interrogated. The prototype MS/MS instrument consists of two independently operated mass analysers linked by a reaction region in which the ion can be induced to react. Induction often occurs by collision (collision-induced dissociation) in which a selected higher-mass ion dissociates to a smaller fragment ion. In this simple conceptual instrument, three experiments are possible: precursor ion scan, product ion scan, and constant neutral loss scan. MS/MS recurring over multiple steps is known as MSn.

tandem mass spectrometry

Abbreviation: MS/MS
An analytical device that can rapidly assess the biochemical makeup of hundreds of specimens by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of molecules. Synonym: tandem mass assay See: high-performance liquid chromatography; mass spectrometry

Patient care

It is used in clinical laboratories to screen newborn infants for metabolic disorders such as fatty acid oxidation deficiencies, organic acid disorders, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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