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a. The claw of a bird of prey.
b. The similar claw of a predatory animal.
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1. The distolingual cusp of human upper molars.
2. A cusp appearing late in the evolution of the molars.
Synonym(s): talon.
[hypo- + G. kōnos, pine cone]
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(tăl′ōn) [L.]
The claw of a bird of prey.

talon noir

Minute black areas on the heels (or less often the toes or hands) caused by repetitive injuries that produce hemorrhage into the skin.
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Since the characteristic that makes the osprey different from ordinary eagles and falcons is that its feet do not match, only one being taloned, the osprey that has a deceptive resemblance to ordinary birds must have talons on both feet.
Once again it takes a gathering of angels, fresh from their victory at Ashton, to take on the taloned fly-by-nights.
Initially it holds the fish in one taloned foot then it brings the other foot into play, ensuring that its catch is firmly secured before flying off to either a favourite feeding perch or to the eyrie where its young wait in eager anticipation.
like beckoning fingers with her taloned nails, yours
The witchy Carmela - she looks like a good old 'Cairdiff girl' if ever I saw one - beats the de-sexed Joely taloned hands down in terms of entertainment.
A CAREERS management network - not the most exciting of subjects on or offline - it decided to get recognised and created 'Trump', the "biggest ever dotcom hot-air balloon to take to the skies in Europe." Specially crafted by Cameron Balloons to resemble the colourful Monster mascot 'Trump' - an ugly, fanged green thing with taloned feet - it is the size of three story house and the width of six buses.
His lower body, equipped with a scorpion tail, is supported on the taloned legs of a bird or a lion.
She remembered the ecstatic day when the idea had first swooped down on her like a taloned angel.
The Donatellas of this world only need snap their taloned fingers and the rest of the fashionistas follow suit.
Favourites have to be the saucy Jude Cunningham, who had Lewis well and truly wrapped around her taloned finger and Jude's sickly- sweet sister Dawn, whose untimely death caused much distress, turning Jambo (Will Mellor) into a bit of a crackpot.