talonavicular ligament

ta·lo·na·vic·u·lar lig·a·ment

one of the dorsal tarsal ligaments, which occurs as a broad gap that passes from the dorsal side of the neck of the talus to the dorsal surface of the navicular bone.
Synonym(s): ligamentum talonaviculare [TA]
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Forces that can influence talonavicular joint are posterior tibial, the deltoid ligament, the calcaneonavicular ligament, the whole talonavicular capsule, the dorsal talonavicular ligament, the bifurcated (Y) ligament, the inferior extensor retinaculum, and occasionally the cubonavicular oblique ligament.
Yet, it is possible that these exostoses could be confused with a normal ridge found dorsally on the talus approximately at the insertion sites of the anterior capsule, the talonavicular ligament, and the anterior talofibular ligament because a normal ridge and hypertrophied ridge vary from one another only in size.