talonavicular joint

ta·lo·na·vic·u·lar joint

the part of the talocalcaneonavicular joint that forms the medial element of the compound transverse tarsal joint.
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As the three tarsal bones move together, the pressure on calcaneocuboid joint in turn prohibits the motion of talonavicular joint. This makes it impossible to rectify the clubfoot.
Forces that can influence talonavicular joint are posterior tibial, the deltoid ligament, the calcaneonavicular ligament, the whole talonavicular capsule, the dorsal talonavicular ligament, the bifurcated (Y) ligament, the inferior extensor retinaculum, and occasionally the cubonavicular oblique ligament.
The isolated tuberculosis of talonavicular joint is exceptionally rare.
In the joint of the middle foot (talonavicular joint and calcaneocuboid joint), the maximal stress increased with the material hardness.
Subtle instability was also demonstrated in the talonavicular joint, which was subsequently stabilized with two K-wires (Figure 4).
Arthroscopic debridement of the talonavicular joint using dorsomedial and dorsolateral portals: a cadaveric study of safety and access.
Patients with arthritis or previous arthrodesis of the adjacent joints (i.e., subtalar and talonavicular joint) are also considered good candidates for TAR because pantalar arthrodesis would be an undesirable alternative.
With the foot still pointed, a second reading was taken at the talonavicular joint on the dorsum of the foot (Fig.
(6,13) The pain is generally reported in the region of the subtalar or talonavicular joint. (10) The patient in this case first presented with bilateral dorsal foot pain that was worse after activity.
Turco (7) (1971) performed an operation in one stage releasing soft tissue on posterior medial aspect along with internal fixation of talonavicular joint with percutaneous Kirschner's wire.
A treatment plan using fascial stripping techniques including cross friction massage and instrument assisted fascial stripping to the lateral heel over the tarsal tunnel, and over the plantar and dorsal surfaces of the forefoot, and high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) toggle board adjustments of the talonavicular joint and mobilizations of the cuboid as well were initiated based on motion palpation.
5); or a talar "beak," proximal to the talonavicular joint (Fig.