talocalcaneal ligament

ta·lo·cal·ca·ne·al lig·a·ment

any of three ligaments uniting the talus and calcaneus: talocalcaneal interosseous ligament, lateral talocalcaneal ligament, and medial talocalcaneal ligament.
Synonym(s): ligamentum talocalcaneum [TA]
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The wire is maintained firmly tangent to the insertions ends of the extensors retinaculum and talocalcaneal ligament, checking its position under fluoroscopy (Fig.
Forces that can influence talocalcaneal joint are calcaneofibular ligament, the superior peroneal retinaculum (calcaneal fibular retinaculum), the peroneal tendon sheaths, and the posterior talocalcaneal ligament. Forces that can influence talonavicular joint are posterior tibial, the deltoid ligament, the calcaneonavicular ligament, the whole talonavicular capsule, the dorsal talonavicular ligament, the bifurcated (Y) ligament, the inferior extensor retinaculum, and occasionally the cubonavicular oblique ligament.
The strong talocalcaneal ligament stabilises the joint which is synovial with a single oblique axis that declines backward and laterally.
The lateral process of the talus is aided by the lateral talocalcaneal ligament that extends between it and the calcaneus.
The talocalcaneal ligament thus becomes taunt in supination and eventually becomes inflamed and painful under stress.
Gould and coworkers (45) further modified the Brostrom procedure by reinforcing the repair using the lateral talocalcaneal ligament, CFL, and inferior extensor retinaculum, which helped limit inversion and corrected subtalar instability (Fig.
The strong talocalcaneal ligament stabilizes the joint which is synovial with a single oblique axis that declines backward and laterally.
The lateral talocalcaneal ligament originates on the lateral wall of the calcaneus just anterior to the origin of the CFL and inserts onto the body of the talus just inferior to the ATFL.
The lateral tubercle is larger and serves as the attachment site for the posterior talofibular and the posterior talocalcaneal ligaments. (10,13) The medial tubercle serves as the attachment of the deltoid ligament.