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White-winged doves appeared to employ two methods to attain the seeds from Chinese tallow trees.
By the end of January, a majority of seeds had been removed from every Chinese tallow tree on the two properties.
White-winged doves, as well as other seed-eating avian species, feeding on Chinese tallow seeds may pose a serious ecological problem through seed dispersal.
Metabolizable energy in Chinese tallow fruit for yellow-rumped warblers, northern cardinals, and American robins.
The palm trees have a life expectancy of about 100 years, and the tallow shade trees will live for more than 40 years, said Jim Summers of the nonprofit environmental group TreePeople, which provides tree experts at plantings around the county.
Shea gave her time and energy planting a Chinese tallow tree.
The 15 Chinese tallow trees planted Sunday were purchased and planted through an extensive communitywide effort, Summers said.
2) Students from Notre Dame High School and Sherman Oaks property owners lower a Chinese tallow tree into the ground.