talk therapy

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talk therapy

Any of various forms of psychotherapy using verbal communication for treating mental and emotional disorders, in contrast to one using drugs, physical exercise, or some other technique.

talk therapist n.
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psychological therapy

A generic term for any treatment provided to improve the psychosocial functioning of a person suffering from mental health problems.
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'It aims to lessen the effects of symptoms experienced by patients through talk therapy sessions where they can freely express their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe and productive atmosphere.
The most-popular way for men to reduce stress is to exercise (56%) while women will choose talk therapy with a friend or loved one (68%).
Our ( recent study combined data from 14 trials and 1,196 participants to examine the effects of talk therapy for inflammatory bowel disease.
And finally, one-on-one talk therapy where the patient learns how to use tools to build social relationships, reduce substance use and help manage their symptoms.
Taking place during the Revolutionary years, the novel explores Morris' mind and his emotions, which are relentlessly probed by a persistent mercenary Hessian Major in what today we would call psychological counseling, or talk therapy.
In talk therapy, the law of inertia works against us--the longer we sit there feeling stuck, the more stuck we get.
That phrase comes to mind when referring to talk therapy. We all talk, so how can that be healing and magical, compared to prescribing psychoactive medication, now the domain of psychiatrists (and, of course, our colleagues in primary care).
HAPPY TALK: Marie Burdess-Baker, front left, and clinical lead Debbie Strachan with the Time to Talk therapy service Picture by MICHELLE MADDISON
For many people, talk therapy offers an excellent vehicle for achieving these goals.
So whether it can be a virtual therapy or traditional talk therapy, we continuously must evaluate existing therapies and be open-minded for new ways of treatment as long as there is a possibility that it can help our soldiers.
They were randomly assigned to one of three groups: one taking the antidepressant escitalopram (Lexapro), one taking a placebo, and one receiving problem-solving therapy (PST), a form of talk therapy. Almost one quarter (22.4%) of the placebo group developed depression compared to 8.5% in the antidepressant group.
The group favored integrating talk therapy and drag therapy as needed.