talk therapy

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talk therapy

Any of various forms of psychotherapy using verbal communication for treating mental and emotional disorders, in contrast to one using drugs, physical exercise, or some other technique.

talk therapist n.

psychological therapy

A generic term for any treatment provided to improve the psychosocial functioning of a person suffering from mental health problems.
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Talk therapy also can take place when one is working any of AA's 12 Steps.
The latter form of one-on-one talk therapy, which is also outlined in a training manual, focuses on helping the patient find ways to resolve conflicts with others, to adjust to new roles in life, and to foster better relationships.
As Healy points out, talk therapy can "wreck families, can wreck lives just as much as pills can.
When asked if there is a noticeable trend away from talk therapy and towards psychic readings, Golden responded by saying, "Many people come to me, or some of the other more reputable psychics, having spent years in talk therapy, only to have a sudden breakthrough in consciousness after even one session with a legitimate psychic.
We also formulated a talk therapy to suit particular patients, and actually spent time with them.
The book outlines stages of loss, and describes methods, including talk therapy techniques, for assessing and resolving distress and lowering risk of self-harm and disruptive behaviors.
The notion of talk therapy helping cravings is totally flawed.
They could also offer cognitive behavior therapy, a kind of talk therapy which has been shown to be helpful for adolescent depression.
In general, the authors advocate a pharmaceutical approach enhanced by talk therapy.
No matter what from talk therapy takes, a good 'fit' between you and your therapist is essential.
This protocol, appropriately inserted in the patient's care, has the potential to supplement behavioral and talk therapy at induction, during active care and in recovery maintenance," she continued.