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A line at which a surface terminates.
See also: border, margin.


Etymology: ME, egge
1 a thin side or border.
2 the end of a surface, e.g., the edge of a cliff.


A margin or border.

bevel edge

A tooth edge produced by beveling.

cutting edge

An angled or sharpened edge for cutting, as an incisor tooth or the blade of a knife.

denture edge

The margin or border of a denture.

incisal edge

The sharpened edge of a tooth produced by occlusal wear; the labiolingual margin.


Line at which surface terminates.
See also: border, margin
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MICHAEL JOHNSON branded a section of impatient Derby fans a disgrace for taking the edge off Billy Davies' first victory at Pride Park.
An injury crisis is taking the edge off preparations right now, with Stuart Donlan (thigh) added to the casualty list in Friday's 14-10 defeat at Wigan.
com) make it easier for new motorists and senior citizens to drive in busy traffic while taking the edge off impatient drivers.