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In my own intervention in Parliament last week, on the day Darling doled out up to pounds 500billion - that's more than the US bailout - to the bankers, I asked what was was wrong with the public taking seats in the boardroom so that we could look after our investments, which incidentally will total more than the current worth of all the banks put together.
In Newcastle, the Liberal Democrat administration strengthened its hold by taking seats from Labour.
PLAID Cymru was urged yesterday to overturn its strict party block on members taking seats in the House of Lords.
The contest in Scotland was still too close to call with the Scottish National Party taking seats but still far from certain of replacing Labour as the largest single party.
If the Conservative Party starts to make a comeback, even if it isn't yet winning elections, we'll know because it will be taking seats in the West Midlands).
But senior Labour sources said there was a sense among activists that it had won the election, taking seats from all the other parties.
I think it says a lot that we are taking seats from Labour in places such as Sunderland, we are making great inroads there.
Evans is one of four secret lenders to Labour before the 2005 election blocked from taking seats in the Lords - triggering the cash for honours inquiry.
As many as 20 Chechen Muslims already in America would overwhelm the crew after taking seats in first class.