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n See aid, speech, prosthetic, velar section.
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Floreal, Germinal, Prairial" Headpiece, tailpiece, and initial by W.
It will feature 24 of the tailpieces and a selection of work by four contemporary artists, including the Swiss duo Lutz and Guggisberg who made a video called Man in the Snow, a 'still' of which you see here.
However, she describes with clarity the various methods, both luxurious and economical, for constructing a decorated binding for a large book: the methods of sewing signatures, of gluing, constructing bands and false bands, spines, tailpieces, fore-edge paintings, book presses--all the marvelous paraphernalia of the craft.
Portioning plays a prominent part and preparation includes the boning and skinning of fish, which are then cut into pieces, fillets, tailpieces, steaks, etc.