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Experimental investigation of the aerodynamic ground effect of a tailless lambdashaped UCAV with wing flaps, Ohio: Air Force Institute of Technology, ADA453970.
1324, November 1943, 'Comments on design of a tailless glider with swept forward wing.' See also AVIA 15/1939 'Aerodynamics Sub-Committee.
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The majority of the aerial vectors for the fixed wing have a conventional geometry with the tail, the low cost design determining to create a tailless project that has a blended wing or not, see figure 2.
and (b) a dupe, or fool." (12) Dromio, I wish to suggest, does not only think that he has become a "counterfeit," "imitation," or "fool" but also a Barbary ape: the tailless monkey described in ancient Greek proverbs and natural histories as tamable, trainable, and above all capable of substituting, under the proper circumstances, for a human being.
At 11 a.m., the tailless, unmanned aircraft launched from Pax River and flew for a planned 35 minutes.
Based on this evidence, we hypothesized that, in general, Coleonyx with tails should have an advantage over tailless geckos in escaping from predators.
Biju, has named the new family Chikilidae, which means Caecilian in Garo, the local tribal language-consisting of tailless burrowing caecilians that evolved separately from other caecilian species more than 140 million years ago.
The comet was described by Garradd as a tailless object with an approximately circular coma of diameter 15".
There also have been instances of donkeys born tailless, which is surely helpful when faced with children and pins.
Finally, chapter 4 addresses not only the tailless design of Northrop's XP-56 but also the company's construction components and techniques.
Northrop Grumman designed, produced and is currently flight testing two tailless, autonomous X-47B unmanned aircraft for the Navy's Unmanned Combat Air System Carrier Demonstration (UCAS-D) program.