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Lab technology
The diffusion of a “spot” of a substance of interest at the trailing edge in a chromatogram or electrophoretic gel, which contrasts to the sharply-demarcated leading edge.
Molecular biology
The addition of a labelled nucleotide to the 3” end of a hybridisation probe, mediated by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT).

Patient discussion about tailing

Q. If I sit too long I get a pain in my tail bone area, when I stand it goes away...any idea? I also get a pain just like it on the bottom of my left foot that goes away.

A. Coccygodynia (pain of the tail bone) is not rare and can radiate from the lower back area. Usually it goes away on its own, however if the pain bothers you a lot you can apply anti-inflammation creams locally. If this pain is very disturbing for a while you should see a doctor to examine you once and check there is nothing else there that can cause the pain. Physical activity usually solves low back pain and might help in your case too.

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