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Lab technology
The diffusion of a “spot” of a substance of interest at the trailing edge in a chromatogram or electrophoretic gel, which contrasts to the sharply-demarcated leading edge.
Molecular biology
The addition of a labelled nucleotide to the 3” end of a hybridisation probe, mediated by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT).
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Patient discussion about tailing

Q. If I sit too long I get a pain in my tail bone area, when I stand it goes away...any idea? I also get a pain just like it on the bottom of my left foot that goes away.

A. Coccygodynia (pain of the tail bone) is not rare and can radiate from the lower back area. Usually it goes away on its own, however if the pain bothers you a lot you can apply anti-inflammation creams locally. If this pain is very disturbing for a while you should see a doctor to examine you once and check there is nothing else there that can cause the pain. Physical activity usually solves low back pain and might help in your case too.

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To compare and analyze the sensitivity of each interval parameter on the interval nonprobabilistic reliability, make the deviation of parameters [f.sub.2] and [c.sub.12] of the tailing dam change 0.002 toward both sides each time based on the previous deviation when calculating the interval nonprobabilistic reliability.
In a dry climate such as Nevada's, waste rock and tailings are covered with a layer of soil so thick that it can absorb all of the rain that is likely to fall in a given year.
The water requirement ratio of iron tailings powder is 90%, and the specific surface area is 450 [m.sup.2]/kg.
intended to raise its tailings pond crests to level 775 to contain mine wastes equivalent to eight years of operations.
is a Canadian company, dedicated to evaluating and prioritizing tailings ponds, as well as the chemical-free recovery and sale of extracted minerals in the form of a valuable concentrate; Eldora Gold is listing its common shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (symbol ER5), Open Market.
Plans for the disposal of tailings in paste form are site specific and are developed to ensure the facility's environmental performance meets or exceeds all federal and provincial regulatory requirements.
Many new mines are developing their waste management strategy around the re-use of tailings through paste technology, not only for backfill but for the actual disposal on surface of the excess tailings!
A 1949 memorandum from a Yellowstone National Park ranger says: "The main flow of Soda Butte Creek is currently diverted under the McLaren tailings pond through a four-foot culvert.
Next year, Phase 2 will include pumping the tailings to the dam on the northeastern corner of the property, a project which should be completed by early summer.