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Lab technology
The diffusion of a “spot” of a substance of interest at the trailing edge in a chromatogram or electrophoretic gel, which contrasts to the sharply-demarcated leading edge.
Molecular biology
The addition of a labelled nucleotide to the 3” end of a hybridisation probe, mediated by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT).


1. the restraint technique used in cattle; the butt of the tail is grasped with both hands and raised vertically as far as it will go without breaking. While the tail is in this position the animal is unlikely to kick and then only lightly. Called also tail jack, tail restraint, tail-hitch.
2. the addition in vitro of the same nucleotide by terminal transferase to the 3′-hydroxyl terminus of a double-stranded DNA molecule. Called also homopolymeric tailing.

Patient discussion about tailing

Q. If I sit too long I get a pain in my tail bone area, when I stand it goes away...any idea? I also get a pain just like it on the bottom of my left foot that goes away.

A. Coccygodynia (pain of the tail bone) is not rare and can radiate from the lower back area. Usually it goes away on its own, however if the pain bothers you a lot you can apply anti-inflammation creams locally. If this pain is very disturbing for a while you should see a doctor to examine you once and check there is nothing else there that can cause the pain. Physical activity usually solves low back pain and might help in your case too.

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Covering rocks and tailings, for example, may not prevent oxygen from reacting to sulfides in the rocks, he says.
According to Marty Puro, Inco's superintendent of decommissioning and reclamation, the company has been involved in the reclaiming of tailings since the early 1950s.
was prepared to voluntarily stop operations should it fail to convince villagers about the need to increase the height of its tailings ponds.
After the recent successful commissioning of their latest paste systems in Tanzania and Sweden, the company is presently designing tailings paste production plants for operations in Alaska, New Caledonia, Montana and Canada.
It also has a substantial contract in Malaysia for a full turnkey hydraulic recovery and tailings deposition project.
B&C's subsidiary entered into environmental clean-up agreements with Ghana's Apragya Stool Council and Nyafoman Stool Council to remove all gold bearing waste tailings from river and stream systems within the councils' land.
Requirements will be phased in and adapted, as approved by the Board, to take account of particular mining and tailings plans, facilities, and the status of a project," according to the directive, and "the ERCB recognizes that fluid tailings management is developing and that operators may need flexibility to apply technologies and techniques that best suit the circumstances of particular projects.
Lucky Amaratunga's presentation topics include: Sources of Wastes; Disposal Options; Recycling of Automobile and Electronic Scrap Using Mineral Processing Techniques; Environmental Industry Boom in the Future; The Role of the Mineral Processor in the SO2 Abatement Program in the Minerals Industry; the Application of Mineral Processing Techniques in Other Industries; Tailings to Resources (two major Canadian examples); Environmental Backfill Research at Laurentian University (Amartunga's own research and specific field of expertise)
Rio Algom operated 16 mines sites in the Elliot Lake area, dumping millions of tons of copper and uranium tailings in a number of waste properties.
We had planned to have the new tailings pond - the Hotjarn tailings pond - operational in 2008.
Even though his main concentration is in the remediation of the huge oil sand emulsified tailings ponds, Sego is a walking encyclopedia of all things related to the production side of the oil sands business.
Keller developed some ideas about how to control mine tailings, and he soon found himself with a contract.